Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wonderful, Teenie Little Lonesome Adventures

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I had some lovely little adventures today!

I spent most of my morning cooped up indoors. It was a little chilly, so I didn't mind. I worked on a sculpture project. The project was part of a class final in which we were each given a grab-bag of different materials and told to make something out of only the materials in the bag. I made an abstracted form of a bird.

But ah! That's besides the point!

I came down with a case of the munchies, so I went out for a sub, and then, on a whim, I decided to visit Platteville's own giant letter M!

The M is on a hill about five miles from the edge of town. You can see it from miles around--even from Iowa and Illinois! It's made of white rock and is maintained yearly at the Miner's Ball, which takes place in the fall of every year. The 'M' stands for 'mining', which is the historic labor force behind the city of Platteville.

I parked my truck at the food of the hill and proceeded to climb up the long flight of stairs to the top.

It was warm and sunny when I reached the crown of the hill. The view was ever so beautiful! The day was clear, and I could see the town, farm fields, and university tower below. I took a walk around the hilltop, and discovered a series of paths I had not discovered before! They spidered about the trees and underbrush. I came to a little clearing with a picnic table. I stopped to sit a while and admire the scenery. The birds were singing--it was so unusual! I still can't get used to this warm, cheerful weather!

I happened upon another narrow path that took me down the furthest side of the hill. This path was especially unique, as the limestone sheets that poked from the turf seemed to form a sort of natural staircase. I imagined that before the main wooden staircase was constructed, perhaps the miners of old walked to the top of the hill upon this path.

After a while of adventuring, I decided it was time to go home.

Truly a lovely mini-adventure, no?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And Incredibly Busy, Bumble-Bee Day

Over at The Princess Portal, May 5th is International Princess Day. Schema of the stereotypical 'princess' conjures images of pampering--of lofty castles, knights in armor, pouffy dresses, and cakes and pastries. However, the 'challenge' for this month [Skye, who holds the blog, sets a challenge monthly for her dear readers] was to write about Princess Day from a rather different standpoint, a standpoint as lofty as the castles in our imaginations. Essentially, we are to write about our own experiences of today, May 5th, but in doing so, also consider how 'awake' we were for today. To many, May 5th may just be an ordinary day, with an ordinary morning, afternoon, and evening. There is something hostile about the ordinary. In essence what I'm trying to say is that being 'awake' entails everything but the ordinary. When you are 'awake', you percieve yourself as being 'just right'. At once the world is a fascinating, wonderful, new place--a feast of the senses and a delight to be had.

My May 5th was incredibly, incredibly busy.

I woke up at 5:40 and went to the gym. By 7am I was in the art building, painting. I had class all day from 8am-7pm, and somehow managed to fit in three separate meetings within all this time.

My May 5th was busy, but in reflection, I am so pleased that it was. I felt giddy with everything I had to do--like a hummingbird with too many flowers to pollinate. Today I ran into so many people and had so many fun encounters.

I had a lovely lunch with friends--alfredo noodles and garlic rolls!

I sang in painting class and the professor told me to be quiet.

I had a meeting for Cross Country next year and was pleased to catch up with many old friends.

I cuddled with my boyfriend and got to relax for a small while before dinner--with cookies!

I met with one of my favorite professors and had a jolly conversation about bagels and homework.

I went on a wonderful run to one of the local parks.

the best part of today?

The end. Right now. Right now as I sit here, typing this all up. My body and mind seem to have split in two. I am incredibly tired, but happily so. Today was the busiest day I've had in ever so long. However, to many, the idea of a 'good' day often entails doing absolutely nothing. I beg to differ, sirs and madams. Revel in the business, the grand pace that life hurls at you every day. Appreciate the small things for what they are--the first bits of sunlight over the horizon as you commute to work, the blooming of the coming summer flowers, the way the grass smells, the way the bumblebees plop about the leaves, spending time with those you're fond of. Essentially, being.

Happy May 5th, everyone.