Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Door Tree


The door tree stands at the center of the world. Its branches pierce the veil that is the heavens, its roots wind deep into the layers of hell. When the time is right, the windows and doors open. They are mirrors of humanity, reflections of our own souls. At the seat of the tree a demon dwells, pulling strings and opening doors, beckoning to passerby.

Come, look inside.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Please, Please, Please

Just before morning, just before she's fully awake, and also when the spot on the bed next to her is cold and empty, she curls under the covers and lets her mind fly. She thinks of cities. Not towns, not villages, not suburban wastelands--no. Cities.

Skyscrapers that tickle bloated clouds, playing with the blue of the sky. Neighborhoods with menial little parks and singular trees. Sidewalks. Benches. Galleries. It makes her want to bite her cuticles to a pulp. Cities seem so big and scary and crowded and lonely.


She misses Chicago. It's odd how, in her mind, a city can at once be a place of new beginnings and romantic notions, and at the blink of an eye, a dwelling for only heartache and lonely existences. Paradox, paradox. She doesn't dream anymore, but rather frets until her stomach knots.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hear a Punk Rock Song, and We Sing Along

There are no better nights for punk rock than those precious few at the summer's end. Her heart aches. The music blares. She rubs the toes of her boots together so the pleather squeaks.

Academia looms just around the corner, and soon these little pains will be masked by books and studying and running. It's all so exciting, so frightening, that it runs tingles up her spine to linger across her sternum.

She helped give Sir Charles a mohawk. The results were ever so fantastic!


Hey, Suburbia!

Drawings, but Colored

Did she ever tell you that she drew pictures? Lots and lots of pictures? Pictures to fill sketchbooks and stick on the walls and take up all the musty corners in one's life? She's one of those fantastical girls, you see, who dreams of ferocious beasts and realms of fantasy.

But there's a little problem.

She despises coloring her own work. But it is so good to have a dear friend who colors her work so willingly! Emma took colored pencils to her linework, and here are the beautiful results to show!



Here's an elephant with squid's legs. He's looking a little plain. Who will color him? ♥