Friday, January 21, 2011

Goals for a Clean Slate

It's a little late to compile a list of resolutions, but be assured, there is good reason for a late list. These resolutions have taken thought--they've not been hasty in the making.

This year, she would like to...


Do the dishes more. This is something she struggles with. There's nothing more irritating than dirty, month-old dishes. She would like to keep them cleaner, and have less mess in the end. This goal applies as well to the whole apartment. Clean houses are far less worrisome. There's less of a clutter, less of that terribly persistent grimy feeling, less of an incentive for unwelcome pests to visit.

Read more. There's a growing number of books on her reading list! Recent titles include White Magic Series Book 3: Shattered Dance by Caitlin Brennan , and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister . This month's book club selection, Wings of a Falcon by Cynthia Voight she's re-reading for the second time as well. This year she wishes to read a larger variety of books and is challenging herself to explore new authors and genres.


Walk more. There is a certain beauty in walking, in going places without mechanical aids, solely utilizing one's own to feet. She lives within walking distance of the University and her place of work. She balks against walking when it's cold, but how much work is it (really?) to put on a few more layers and head outside? The benefits are fantastic--less of a gas bill, exercise, adventure.

Run more. If there is beauty in walking, then certainly there is magic in running. She's elected not to do outdoor track with the University team. Her indoor season comes to an end in early March. But that shan't stop her! She would very much like to run the 40 miles per week following the season, if not more! For she's signed up for a half marathon. She's run one before, a few years back. It was an excellent endeavor--thirteen miles of not-too-fast-not-too-slow running through a remote northern rail trail.



Also, one can't forget the next cross country season. This fall will be her final year running for the University. Wow! A senior runner already! How the four years fly!

Weight lift more. She's grown fond of weight lifting. This is the boyish part of her showing through. She admits she's a little competitive, and as an athlete, lifting is a staple of her career. However, she wishes to continue her weightlifting, and perhaps glean a shiny new set of abdominals. Lifting is truly worth the results, and her University, by the by, has just installed a new weight room. It's a treat, even if she decides to read while on the stationary bike instead of lift!

Study religion more. The Bhagavad Gita is staring at her from her shelf. A few books on Wicca remain unread. She's considering buying the Lotus Gospel. She's been thinking expansively on religion, her curiosity bolstered by doubt that there is any real necessity for religion at all. However, she nonetheless remains an open minded soul, whose religious path has fluctuated throughout the years. From a devout Catholic to an atheist, to a pantheistic humanist dabbling in Buddhist philosophy, to an animist-pagan path, she is uncertain of where she lies. She cannot cope any other way with this uncertainty than to learn more.

It's odd, really, for the more she learns the more she doubts. But the more she doubts, the curiouser and curiouser she becomes. Doubt is a powerful thing. Certainty seems almost anti intellectual.

These goals seem simple, but naturally, the year shall tell if her resolutions hold true to their intent. She challenges you to make realistic resolutions as well. Can the weight loss and think of health instead. Visit your library more. Think outside the box. There's a fresh new year ahead, all clean and ready for wonderful mistakes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Horse Sense and Fantasy

As usual, she's been reading. This time, it's a collection of novels by author Caitlin Brennan, called the White Magic Series. She's read the first book and is nearly finished with the second. All that remains is the third.




These are fantasy novels, set in the middle of the empire called Aurelia. Aurelia lies on the brink of destruction, for a royal bastard, hungry for the throne and title of emperor, has aligned with the barbarians to the north. They are partially his kinsmen, and he plots to overthrow his father and his empress regent sister. Unexpectedly, his 'dead' brother has returned to thwart his plan. Called Kerric in the common tongue but known as the dead son Ambrosius, he was Called to the magickal Mountain long ago to be a First Rider, or one who spins out the future on the back of the stallion gods. He defied his right to the throne to become a Rider, and thus is called 'dead'. With the aid of the first female Rider, Valeria, he follows his brother wherever he goes with the intent of restoring the very empire he's been exiled from.

She will admit, she's been enjoying the books. They're a lighter read. Anything can be lighter after a summer of The Count of Monte Cristo! They're somewhat passively written, and she has no taste for passive writing. The characters are at times unbelievable and out-of-character, but nevertheless, the enthralling fantasy plot and workings of horse magick keep the books interesting. She sincerely looks forward to the final installment of the White Magic Series.


She's changed her blog.

This massive overhaul is one of obsession.

You see, a few years ago, she had a dream.

She envisioned a sleeping woods, an army of dark, silent trees that whispered amongst themselves as she passed. She came to the center--to the largest tree, and in a grand chorus of all the earth's voices, the tree came to life. A hundred sparkling doors and windows flung open, beams of light cutting in every direction. And inside the tree, scenes of the universe dwell. She saw what had been, what was, and what could be.

This is the nature of the door tree, that is, to show, to tell. To prompt inquiry and thought.

This blog mimics the nature of the door tree, and here, you shall see bits and pieces of her life.

So, delicate watchers, take heed and notice the changed title, the new url, if you should wish to follow this blog henceforth.

A thousand illuminated promises,

Sunday, January 16, 2011




Jeffy, our child, lives in a cage lined with blue paper. He comes out at night and sparsely during the day. He's almost a year old--only a week until his birthday! She's considering a party, where all of Jeffy's closest friends gather and eat cupcakes and talk about all the silly things hamsters do.