Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gray, Sticky, Awkward Summers

Misty mornings that melt into nowhere. Foggy streams and dewdrops on the leaves. Trees murmuring to themselves. Ancient tales, magic herbs, spells and lore from ages long lost. Laughing children, musing women. Broken glass and concrete.



Unyielding nights. 24-hour diners. Sunken eyesockets, purple and bruise-like. Combat boots and safety pins. Eyeliner as dark as coffee. Relentless car rides, jarring music, open windows, city lights. Concerts until the wee hours. Sweaty bodies, writhing pits. Chords and beats that rattle your bones, vibrating up from your collar bone, causing your teeth to chatter.

For her, summer lies somewhere in between childhood and adulthood--an odd gray area where the only certain things are late nights and early mornings.

Keep your hearts nailed to your heads. Keep your hopes lofty. Keep your eyes glazed and wide. This is a time to run barefoot and blow bubbles and believe in dragons and light candles and make wishes on stars. Because, really, most of these pretty things will be gone as soon as the leaves grow crisp.

Putting in a Word for the Count...

Oh, so many books to be read! Her shelves are full, her eyes are sore. But how wonderful it is to have things to read.

The pinnacle of her summer reading revolves around a certain swashbuckler by the name of Edmond Dantes, but most of you know him as Monsieur le Comte d'Monte Cristo. Tall, somber, and all that is dashing and dark, our entrepreneuring earl seems a static figure through the layers of years. He is unchanging, yet constantly evolving, sinking through the fabric of time like rot through a fleshy fruit. For in his eyes he holds the promise of revenge, the insanity of imprisonment, the pure heart of a sailor.

The girl insists you read this heavy gem of a book, for hardly has she come upon a book so grand, so impossible. It leaves one rather breathless. What else can be expected of the Napoleonic years? An unstable environment makes shifty, extreme characters.

Count Of Monte Cristo Book Cover Pictures, Images and Photos

She gives it 5 hearts. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Apologies for the lacking of posts. She promises that there's more to come.